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Bookkeeping Solutions for Small Businesses

Your financial standing as a business is important for filing taxes, audits, and loan applications. Being oblivious to your financial health can risk your company’s growth and success. That is why accurate bookkeeping is absolutely critical to all businesses.

At TEI Business Solutions Inc., we provide full-service virtual bookkeeping services to Alberta small businesses remotely. We specialize in QuickBooks Online and utilize online applications to provide you with organized financial documents in the cloud, that are convenient to access anytime. Having all your documents filed neatly in the cloud, you no longer have to bring boxes of files to your accountant’s office every year.

As your Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, we serve as your accounting guru and QuickBooks expert. Our highly experienced team of professionals knows their stuff when it comes to cleaning, setting up, and maintaining your books. As an added benefit, we also offer our knowledge of the Canadian Tax Code and tax preparation experience. This is to help you minimize your tax liability and fully increase your profits.

Custom packages tailored specifically for your business needs with a guaranteed fixed monthly price.


Our online bookkeeping services include:

  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Operational Cost / Profit Analysis
  • Monthly / Quarterly CRA Filings
  • Technology and Process Streamlining Recommendations
  • App Integrations
  • Online Bookkeeping Services
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Consultations
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5 Reasons To Choose TEI Business Solutions Inc.

  1. Get rid of stress

    Owning and operating a small business can often be stressful and time-consuming, so it is crucial for you to feel content with the quality of your company’s bookkeeping to ensure that your business will be run as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. Despite the importance of bookkeeping, many small business owners lack the time or resources to keep up with frequent day-to-day bookkeeping, so instead of accumulating more unneeded stress, it’s best to hire a dependable, experienced bookkeeper who is able to eliminate that unnecessary stress by overseeing and tending to your bookkeeping needs. 

  2. Understand your financial situation

    With the busy schedule that owning and operating a small business brings, many business owners have a tendency to concentrate only on the taxation element of bookkeeping to ensure that the government is satisfied, meaning that many small business owners are often forgetting that it is essential to routinely be well-aware of where their business stands financially. Hiring a bookkeeper allows you to have easy access to organized financial records that enable you to acquire information that makes for easy analysis and trend spotting, which additionally allows you to make well-informed decisions about your business to guarantee financial growth and prosperity.

  3. Have access to relevant data

     Making educated, strategic decisions concerning your business’s growth becomes increasingly harder the longer you stay uninformed of your financial situation due to unkept books. In order to make informed decisions regarding your business, it is essential that you have a reliable bookkeeper providing you with current and relevant data in regards to your company.

  4. Stop losing money

     Hiring a competent and knowledgeable bookkeeper will ensure that any inaccuracy or miscalculation in your company’s current books will be found and resolved as soon as possible. If not meticulously monitored by someone who possesses the skill and experience to do so, any discrepancy of any multitude can grow exponentially the longer it is left and also becomes increasingly costly to correct.

  5. Maintain organization

     Achieving and maintaining an organized system for your company’s books is one of the most essential components to ensure financial growth and security, and additionally makes it easier to certify the profitability of your business. Frequent management and organization of your company’s bookkeeping also aids in diminishing the annual stress that tax time often brings.


We’re confident in what we do and our Satisfaction Guarantee backs it up.


QuickBooks Online has brought freedom to bookkeeping! Our cloud based services makes it easy to access your financials from anywhere using your cell phone.


Our small business packages are easy to understand and provide you with a manageable fixed monthly fee. No surprise charges or expensive hourly add-ons.

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