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If you are questioning your ability or perhaps your shortage of available time to strategically guide your small business in its accounting practices, you came to the right place. One of the biggest barriers to growth that small to midsize business owners face is becoming bogged down by doing non-revenue generating activities.

Your time is spent focusing on so many important details everyday that are crucial to the growth of your company. As a small business owner who may be considering to take on bookkeeping for the first time, you need to ask yourself if your time is better spent on running your business? As a small business owner, it is imperative that you feel confident in your company’s finances, bookkeeping and compliance. Let us help you get that confidence.

Quickbooks Online
QuickBooks Elite ProAdvisor Program

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of bookkeeping services that range from basic monthly reconciliations, online payroll, to paying your bills and invoice your clients. TEI Business Solutions Inc. is an extension of your in-house team.

Bookkeeping Solutions

Our easy to understand online bookkeeping solutions will help to get your business to the next level effortlessly!

Having real time financials allows you to make better decisions based on actual facts about your business. We are certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and we’re ready to help you with your business accounting needs.

Online Payroll Services

Trust TEI Business Solutions Inc. to streamline and modernize your payroll system. Are you tired of signing pay cheques?

Let’s work together to implement an efficient online payroll system that will save you time, money, stress, and also reduce mistakes. Our online payroll systems will leave you wondering why you didn’t get started long ago!

Training for QuickBooks

Already using QuickBooks but need some support? We offer one on one online training to help train your staff to become familiar with the more complex elements of QuickBooks Online.

Our training sessions are straightforward and easy to understand, and will provide you with the necessary tips and tricks to become a QuickBooks efficient, just like us! Book a session today!

Bookkeeping Projects

Are you behind on your books or have a special bookkeeping project you need to undertake?

Our bookkeeping catch-up and special project services are a great way to leverage our expertise while removing the stress from you, and get you back on track in a timely fashion. Let us know how we can help.


We’re confident in what we do and our Satisfaction Guarantee backs it up.


QuickBooks Online has brought freedom to bookkeeping! Our cloud based services makes it easy to access your financials from anywhere using your cell phone.


Our small business packages are easy to understand and provide you with a manageable fixed monthly fee. No surprise charges or expensive hourly add-ons.

Running Your Business is Easy With

TEI Business Solutions Inc.

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Why Use Outsourced Small Business Bookkeeping Services?

Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Will Help You Streamline Your Business

Outsourcing your small business bookkeeping helps you save time, money, and increase profitability. To grow your business, it takes time and lots of hours of hard work.  The last thing you need to be doing is repetitive data-entry, studying the CRA tax code, and trying to figure out the difference between an asset and a liability. This is unproductive time you should be spending on the growth of your small business.


Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Will Save You The Headache.

By using outsourced bookkeeping services for your small business, you eliminate the headache. Understanding the rules of Canadian GAAP, the tax code, and complying to regulations can be stressful (even more stressful when you’re in violation). By outsourcing your bookkeeping to a reputable company, you eliminate this headache. You will save time, eliminate stress, and will have peace of mind when you look at your financial statements.


Our Outsourced Bookeeping Services Are Inexpensive And Perfect For Small Businesses.

Most small businesses do not have $40,000 to $60,000/year to pay a full-time staff bookkeeper or $200,000/year for a CFO. Even if you do, you would be paying much more than you need to. You would only pay a fraction of this cost if you used outsourced bookkeeping services. If your goal is to grow your small business quickly, increase efficiency, and save money, our outsourced bookkeeping solutions are perfect for you.


Our Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Will Save You Time

Most small business owners simply do not have the time to do their own bookkeeping. There are simply not enough hours within the day, week or month to tackle this important and necessary function on your own. By using our outsourced bookkeeping services for your small business, you get your time back. By using a professional bookkeeping service you can put your focus where it is needed most and that’s at growing your business!

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