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The Journey

Once you start working with TEI Business Solutions Inc., you’ll wish you did it sooner. Our virtual process will streamline your bookkeeping, giving you quick turnaround times, while allowing you access to qualified financial professionals. With us on your team, you’ll have more time to work with clients, bring in new business, and live your best life.

Consultation to Break the Ice

First we set up an initial meeting via a video conference to get to know each other, learn about your business, your goals and evaluate how we might be able to work together to achieve them.

Assessment & Proposal

We’ll gather some information about your business via our new client information form and have in-depth discussions with you regarding your current accounting activities. We will analyze your current systems, transactions, resource utilization, and reports you use regularly. This information will ensure that we get the full picture from you, so we can build a meaningful proposal.

We then will meet again via video chat to customize a proposal to your specific business needs that you are comfortable with and you feel addresses all your needs.


Once you accept your proposal and we receive your initial payment, the wheel will be set in motion. Our onboarding process is very straightforward and hassle free to you and your staff. We will work closely with your staff setting-up your new accounting system. We will customize your onboarding and training based on the service-level you have selected, to ensure you always know what to expect, and what you need to do.

Meet Your Team

We introduce you to your TEI Business Solutions Inc. team and the dedicated personnel who are assigned to your business. We will set-up the digital tools you will need for a seamless process flow including, data storage, and secure communications.

Launch & Relax

TEI Business Solutions ensures our workflow process is easy and effective. We make sure that outsourcing your accounting tasks are easy, convenient, and painless. With our online bookkeeping services, the once tedious and time consuming tasks you have become accustomed to, are now removed from your daily activities as we launch our services.

As your dedicated online bookkeeper, we provide business owners the time to concentrate on running their business.

Bookkeeping Service Level Options

Monthly Bookkeeping

With our monthly bookkeeping service, we will keep your books up to date on a monthly basis. If we are missing documents or haven’t seen the transactions before, we will send you questions via email. Because you’ll have the same team working for you each month, we’ll build knowledge on how you run things. We won’t ask the same question twice. You’ll receive monthly financial reports outlining your business performance.

Weekly Bookkeeping

Choosing our weekly bookkeeping service, we will keep your books up to date on a weekly basis. This allows you to have your financial information current by the week. We can also take a more integrated role in your business by helping you manage your cash flow by taking on more duties such as, posting and paying bills, invoicing and collecting from your customers.

Sales Tax Filing

Once we have your bookkeeping up to date, we can file your sales tax on a regular basis, and let you know how much you need to pay. We will ensure you stay current with this, so there will be no late fees and penalties.

A Clear Vision For Your Journey

What Sets Us Apart

  • Fixed pricing
  • Modern and cloud based
  • Quickbooks Online experts
  • No fancy accounting talk
  • Proactive approach
  • Trusted, reliable, experienced
  • Collaboration and responsiveness
  • E-commerce and multi-channel specialists
TEI What sets us apart

Our Pricing

We Customize Our Pricing Based on Your Specific Business Needs

How much will it cost? That’s usually a big concern most of us have. At TEI Business Solutions Inc., we understand that not knowing the cost of things makes most of us uncomfortable. That’s why we ensure we have a clear understanding of your specific needs, the scope of the work we will be dealing with, and the confidence that we can deliver a on-time quality service before we take you on as a Client.

Our pricing is based on multiple variables and is dependent on the services provided, complexity, volume, timing, number of revenue streams, value provided. and other factors. In most cases, our pricing includes Quickbooks Online software and all cloud based apps we use to deliver our services to you.

To eliminate any worry or surprises later on, we provide up-front pricing for all of our services.

Monthly bookkeeping services are charged up-front and due on the first of each month and are automatically charged via credit card. We also accept Interac E-Transfers if you prefer.

For most one-time projects (cleaning up of your books, coaching, training, consulting, etc.), we charge 50% up-front and the remaining 50% due near completion of our project.

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you regarding your specific business needs and to provide you with up-front pricing for our service.

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